About Us

Four decades have now passed since I humbly began my business with a phone call. A dear friend called to invite me to take a series of cake decorating classes at her home, which I can see now turned a 45 degree corner in my life. Who would have thought that this young mom with two small babies and a very accommodating husband would begin building this “God Gifted” business call The Master’s Baker. The business grew as our family grew, but I held my family oriented priorities and kept a lid of this steaming ‘cake business’ pot until my six children grew into their teens. After that, the ‘lid’ came off, and I headed full steam ahead in growth.

My family is still an intricate part of my business with each of my six kids and my husband, Paul, playing a vital supporting role. We have grown from a nucleus of 8 to 21, adding 3 sweet daughter-in-loves, and 10 “grand” kids. I am blessed to see each one of them contribute in different ways such as…website design, baking, bookeeping, cake design, taking appointments, and sales,

Today, we have partnered with many hotels, country clubs, and caterers including the wedding cake in their package, but we have also built a long list of cherished customers who have used us for years and years ‘for the special moments of their lives’. Each cake that leaves my shop with it’s personalized white chocolate heart logo is intended to be the very best we can offer. I know I cannot please everyone all the time, but please believe me when I say that I certainly DO try hard. We, as a staff, are always challenging each other to do our very best and I do hope it shows, especially to you, our valued customer.

Thanks friends for allowing us to be a part of your family celebrations. To those just getting to know us, we look forward to your approval and look forward to long years of satisfaction.

Jerie Weldon