During a very hectic afternoon in 1970 with two busy toddlers, I made the choice to answer my phone instead of letting it ring.

Excellent choice, because had I not, I may have missed the greatest opportunity of my life, learning the art of cake decorating and the extreme joy of owning my own business these past 4 decades. I was offered the opportunity from a dear friend to take decorating classes for several weeks which put me on my successful journey. Who could possibly have dreamed that The Master’s Baker would be born because of this choice, certainly not I. All of my six kids have contributed to it’s growth and the business has formed them into very independent adults who anticipate success in life. Kudos also go to Paul, my husband, who was the soul of this business, encouraging and propping me up when disappointments came, always pointing me toward a better day.

Just recently, my youngest son Chad, who is now the General Manager, has opened the gate for our retirement and put us out to pasture. I must say that the grass is ever so green and delicious. Our 10 to 12 hours days are over and the clock is merely a decoration on the wall. Most family businesses do not draw in the second and third generations but ours does, for which I am so grateful to our Lord and Saviour. Not only is the cake business continuing but it is thriving under its new, young, techie leadership.

Am I happy? Absolutely, for as the above sign says, my choice has made me…, laughing and loving life.

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