Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and egg free…oh my!

Did you know here at The Master’s Baker we offer gluten free, dairy free, vegan and egg free cakes? We do everything from our 7″ cakes to our larger cakes serving 20 people or more.

We have 12 gluten free flavors, 10 egg free and dairy free flavors, and 12 Vegan flavors. Our design team takes great pride in understanding if you have an allergy or a dietary restriction.

For our wedding cakes, we do offer small side cakes. So if you are a bride or groom that has one of these restrictions, we can have a beautiful side cake delivered with your main wedding cake! If you will be joining us for a wedding appointment in the future we can have samples available for you to try. We just need a week’s notice, since it is a custom order.

If you’d like more information on our flavors and pricing please contact us at  . We look forward to taking care of your special requests!

The Giving Tree

Earlier this year our bakery got involved by donating birthday cakes to Home of The Sparrow. This local organization right in Exton provides housing and supportive services to homeless and low-income women who want to improve their lives and become self-sufficient. This is something that really touched our hearts and we wanted bring these women some joy to their lives for each of their birthdays. This holiday season our team has adopted families from Home of the Sparrow.

Our families, consisting of women and children have made up wish lists with items they may need and items they wish to have. We have put up a giving tree filled with ornaments that have the items listed for the donation. Our team has already picked off a few ornaments to help donate items to these families. If you would like to participate, you can stop by and pick out an ornament from the tree. There are items ranging from socks, clothes, toys, to household needs such as a vacuum and a printer. If you are not able to stop by, you may call Melissa or email us at for more info on the items needed. You can bring the unwrapped presents back to us by December 3rd.

We would love to have the help from our surrounding community in helping us make this holiday season special for the women and children at Home of The Sparrow.

Giving back to the Community

This past summer the bakery had an opportunity to volunteer at Paradise Farm, which is right down the street from us. They have a  foundation called the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation.  It aims to honor Andrew’s life as he was killed at a young age. Andrew had a strong passion for social justice and volunteered every summer and throughout the year with his youth group in Chester, PA.  He worked with underprivileged kids by giving them swimming lessons, tutoring, running a vacation bible study, and repairing their schools.

Children from Chester come out to the camp for a week. The program they are involved at the camp is called  RISE (Responsibility, Integrity, Service and Excellence) Teen Leadership Development Program.  A group of professionals came out to share their talents with the kids in hopes to inspire them. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to come out and teach cake decorating.

One of our designers, Melissa, went there for the week. The first day the kids learned about making a cake, icing, and the color wheel. Our second day consisted of piping different borders, making fondant flowers and learning how to make our signature buttercream roses! The final day the kids got to put their skills they had learned the past few days to work and create over 60 cupcakes for their fellow campers to eat that night after dinner. You will see below some pictures of the kids.10533754_10152132751596114_6066631846438399696_nParadise farm0001

We look forward to volunteering there again. We love giving back to the community. Stay tuned for an upcoming project for the holidays, where we will be collecting items for local families in need!

What 40+ years in the cake business has taught me!

        I  have a  Choleric  personality which means my strengths to run a business are persuasive, strong-willed, competitive, resourceful, self-reliant, positive, outspoken, confident, independent, decisive, a mover, leader, productive and bold.  Some of these are good and some make life difficult.    While all of these are necessary, on the weakness end, this makes me bossy, resistant, impatient,  argumentative, workaholic, tactless, domineering, intolerant, short tempered, fussy, unpopular, pessimistic, and critical .  Each of us has strong points and weaknesses and identifying them helps make us a better person.

Here are 10 parables that I have learned and used often.

1.     It is the smallest details that make the biggest impression.

2.     Seek wise counsel.

3.     If a product is not remarkable, it is invisible.

4.     Save is risky.  Don’t follow your competition. Be a BIG thinker.

5.     Behind every sale is a person, not just a customer.

6.     People hate to be sold, but love to buy.

7.     My character is my  legacy.

8.     Chase perfection, settle for excellence.

9.     Be an expert in my field.

10.   Whatever it takes, be flexible.

A Phone Call could change your life!

Many inquiring people often ask me how I got into cake decorating 40+ years ago and my story always begins with a phone call.  I tell them I picked up my phone one day as a young mom with 2 babies and accepted an invitation to take cake decorating lessons at a church friend’s house in the evenings.  Because I answered that phone call and I said yes to Margaret, my life was changed forever. Six kids later with 46 years of marriage, I am still cake decorating with my business called The Master’s Baker.    Who would have ever thought?

I told this story to my new friend Jan recently who passed it on to her friend Jack. You see Jack was a brain surgeon in his younger days but alcohol ripped him of his profession and friends and left him defeated.  Upon hearing of my story and how a phone call changed my  life, he decided that a phone call could change his as well.  He called to enter a rehab to rid himself of this terrible demon.  I shouldn’t be but I am always amazed how God can use a few words to entirely change the life of another.  Jan, so many thanks for sharing this story with me and

Jack….I just can’t wait to hear the end of YOUR story.