“I just lost 3 hours of my day because I was pinning!”

Ahh…pinterest. Hours upon hours of losing yourself in all the ideas of crafts, decorating tips, recipes, bridesmaid dresses, wedding music, bathroom remodeling and gardening ideas. Pinterest is a household name with many people these days.  People would come in to pick out a cake from a book, but now this has turned into looking on Pinterest. Many of our customers for party cakes and our couples coming in for appointments being ideas from there. It can be a great website for us and sometimes it can be a challenge. Many cakes on there are very elaborate and were made for photo shoots. So the cost can be very high. Other times it is a great way for our designers to see new ideas come in and then it gets us thinking outside the box for future orders!

Did you know we have a Pinterest site?! We currently have 10 boards and are creating more as I am typing! We put up a lot of our cakes that you see on our facebook or website. However, we also touch base on wedding tips, dessert tables and color schemes. My personal favorite is the Philly LOVE board. I love the history of Philly, the food, the LOVE symbol and our skyline.

Follow us on Pinterest today! http://www.pinterest.com/themastersbaker/

Still time for Holiday orders

The holidays are coming fast! We are still taking orders for next week.  We have a variety of dessert cakes, pies, mini desserts and pastries.

If your guests might be full from a dinner, why not offer them mini pastries that are only 1 or 2 bites! We have eclairs, cream puffs, truffles, macaroons, chocolate cups and even mini apple or cherry pies! All ranging from $1.10 a piece to $2.25!




Our hours next week are Tuesday 9am-5pm      Wednesday 9am-12pm and we are closed the rest of the week to retail.  Please give us a call to place your orders!

Groom’s cake coming back into style

Over the past year we have had many requests for groom’s cakes. We get a lot of questions from brides who are unsure of what to ask about or unsure what type of design they should get. Here are some of our most popular questions asked along with answers.


“How many people do I need the cake to serve?”

Our smallest cake we customize serves about 20-25 people. We go up from there in increments of 10 for serving. It will depend if you are having it at the rehearsal dinner, which you would need enough to serve your guests there. If it’s served at your wedding, then you can get away with a smaller cake because you will already be having wedding cake and/or desserts served.


“What kind of design should I get?”

This will depend on if you’d like to do a theme of his interests, favorite sports team, favorite beer, favorite band or just have a yummy dessert cake. We do any type of design you’d like. Our most popular theme would be the groom’s favorite sports team mixed in with one of his interests. We have done everything from sports, to a dog, hunting, fishing, to  favorite candy bars! We have a whole album dedicated on our website along with our Facebook. Just click right here for our party cake gallery and click on Groom’s cake to see some of our work.  http://themastersbaker.com/party-cakes/


“How much does it cost?”

Since we are a custom bakery, each cake has a different price. We have starting prices for our cakes, which do include certain decorations. The more you customize, the higher the price. Sky is the limit for us, it just depends on what your budget is!


“I have a budget for the cake, can you do anything for me?”

ABSOLUTELY! We will do our best to come up with a design in your theme and within your budget.  Our team is always willing to work with our clients for any type of cake.


“Can I talk about the design at my cake tasting appointment?”

We would love to talk about that, however there usually is not enough time to talk about the details. You can always give us a call and talk about the cake over the phone, or even by email. Sending pictures of what you like is always helpful. It lets us know what kind of vision you are wanting the cake to be. You can always stop by our shop any time during our business hours, you do not need any appointment.


“You are creating my wedding cake. Can you deliver the groom’s cake with the wedding cake?”

Yes we can! We will deliver the groom’s cake and the wedding cake together at no additional charge.


—If you have any questions about groom’s cake give us a call 610.436.9888 or email us info@themastersbaker.com



Dinner or dessert?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. My family asked my to bring a pumpkin pie, which I reluctantly said yes to making. This got me thinking that a lot of people have misconceptions about bakers for holiday parties. Most of us want to branch out and make something savory instead of sweet. We took a poll at work to see what everyone looks forward to on Thanksgiving, dinner or dessert?

Designer, Michelle looks forward to Dinner and her Mommom’s sweet potatoes.

Jr Designer, Casie looks forward to dinner and a nice helping of mashed potatoes.

Jr Designer, Matt loves dinner and anything with gravy is his favorite!

Lead Designer, Christie looks forward to dinner, along with mashed potatoes and rolls.

Head Pastry chef, Brenda loves dinner and the star of dinner, turkey!

Assistant pastry chef, Maren looks forward to dinner and her mom’s sweet and savory corn casserole.

Wedding designer, Erica loves both dessert and dinner! We say she is Mikey from the Life cereal commercial “She eats everything!”

Sales and Marketing coordinator, Melissa (that’s me!) looks forward to dinner and her Aunt’s Cole slaw. Yum!

Chad, General Manager, likes dinner and loves to top his mashed potatoes with A1 steak sauce. He also loves the stuffing.

Our wedding consultant, Jadian, is the cheese that stands alone in this poll. She looks forward to DESSERT! She loves a dessert called pineapple puff. It is a caramelized pineapple in a casserole dish.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here!

We do have gourmet pies available for purchase if you are looking for something unique for Thanksgiving or the holiday season! Check out our facebook for more information on flavors!

Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and egg free…oh my!

Did you know here at The Master’s Baker we offer gluten free, dairy free, vegan and egg free cakes? We do everything from our 7″ cakes to our larger cakes serving 20 people or more.

We have 12 gluten free flavors, 10 egg free and dairy free flavors, and 12 Vegan flavors. Our design team takes great pride in understanding if you have an allergy or a dietary restriction.

For our wedding cakes, we do offer small side cakes. So if you are a bride or groom that has one of these restrictions, we can have a beautiful side cake delivered with your main wedding cake! If you will be joining us for a wedding appointment in the future we can have samples available for you to try. We just need a week’s notice, since it is a custom order.

If you’d like more information on our flavors and pricing please contact us at info@themastersbaker.com  . We look forward to taking care of your special requests!

The Giving Tree

Earlier this year our bakery got involved by donating birthday cakes to Home of The Sparrow. This local organization right in Exton provides housing and supportive services to homeless and low-income women who want to improve their lives and become self-sufficient. This is something that really touched our hearts and we wanted bring these women some joy to their lives for each of their birthdays. This holiday season our team has adopted families from Home of the Sparrow.

Our families, consisting of women and children have made up wish lists with items they may need and items they wish to have. We have put up a giving tree filled with ornaments that have the items listed for the donation. Our team has already picked off a few ornaments to help donate items to these families. If you would like to participate, you can stop by and pick out an ornament from the tree. There are items ranging from socks, clothes, toys, to household needs such as a vacuum and a printer. If you are not able to stop by, you may call Melissa or email us at info@themastersbaker.com for more info on the items needed. You can bring the unwrapped presents back to us by December 3rd.

We would love to have the help from our surrounding community in helping us make this holiday season special for the women and children at Home of The Sparrow.