Dinner or dessert?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. My family asked my to bring a pumpkin pie, which I reluctantly said yes to making. This got me thinking that a lot of people have misconceptions about bakers for holiday parties. Most of us want to branch out and make something savory instead of sweet. We took a poll at work to see what everyone looks forward to on Thanksgiving, dinner or dessert?

Designer, Michelle looks forward to Dinner and her Mommom’s sweet potatoes.

Jr Designer, Casie looks forward to dinner and a nice helping of mashed potatoes.

Jr Designer, Matt loves dinner and anything with gravy is his favorite!

Lead Designer, Christie looks forward to dinner, along with mashed potatoes and rolls.

Head Pastry chef, Brenda loves dinner and the star of dinner, turkey!

Assistant pastry chef, Maren looks forward to dinner and her mom’s sweet and savory corn casserole.

Wedding designer, Erica loves both dessert and dinner! We say she is Mikey from the Life cereal commercial “She eats everything!”

Sales and Marketing coordinator, Melissa (that’s me!) looks forward to dinner and her Aunt’s Cole slaw. Yum!

Chad, General Manager, likes dinner and loves to top his mashed potatoes with A1 steak sauce. He also loves the stuffing.

Our wedding consultant, Jadian, is the cheese that stands alone in this poll. She looks forward to DESSERT! She loves a dessert called pineapple puff. It is a caramelized pineapple in a casserole dish.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here!

We do have gourmet pies available for purchase if you are looking for something unique for Thanksgiving or the holiday season! Check out our facebook for more information on flavors!

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