Groom’s cakes- Q&A

Over the past year we have had many requests for groom’s cakes. We get a lot of questions from brides who are unsure of what to ask about or unsure what type of design they should get. Here are some of our most popular questions asked along with answers.


“How many people do I need the cake to serve?”

Our smallest cake we customize serves about 20-25 people. We go up from there in increments of 10 for serving. It will depend if you are having it at the rehearsal dinner, which you would need enough to serve your guests there. If it’s served at your wedding, then you can get away with a smaller cake because you will already be having wedding cake and/or desserts served.


“What kind of design should I get?”

This will depend on if you’d like to do a theme of his interests, favorite sports team, favorite beer, favorite band or just have a yummy dessert cake. We do any type of design you’d like. Our most popular theme would be the groom’s favorite sports team mixed in with one of his interests. We have done everything from sports, to a dog, hunting, fishing, to  favorite candy bars! We have a whole album dedicated on our website along with our Facebook. Just click right here for our party cake gallery and click on Groom’s cake to see some of our work.


“How much does it cost?”

Since we are a custom bakery, each cake has a different price. We have starting prices for our cakes, which do include certain decorations. The more you customize, the higher the price. Sky is the limit for us, it just depends on what your budget is!


“I have a budget for the cake, can you do anything for me?”

ABSOLUTELY! We will do our best to come up with a design in your theme and within your budget.  Our team is always willing to work with our clients for any type of cake.


“Can I talk about the design at my cake tasting appointment?”

We would love to talk about that, however there usually is not enough time to talk about the details. You can always give us a call and talk about the cake over the phone, or even by email. Sending pictures of what you like is always helpful. It lets us know what kind of vision you are wanting the cake to be. You can always stop by our shop any time during our business hours, you do not need any appointment.


“You are creating my wedding cake. Can you deliver the groom’s cake with the wedding cake?”

Yes we can! We will deliver the groom’s cake and the wedding cake together at no additional charge.


—If you have any questions about groom’s cake give us a call 610.436.9888 or email

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