“I just lost 3 hours of my day because I was pinning!”

Ahh…pinterest. Hours upon hours of losing yourself in all the ideas of crafts, decorating tips, recipes, bridesmaid dresses, wedding music, bathroom remodeling and gardening ideas. Pinterest is a household name with many people these days.  People would come in to pick out a cake from a book, but now this has turned into looking on Pinterest. Many of our customers for party cakes and our couples coming in for appointments being ideas from there. It can be a great website for us and sometimes it can be a challenge. Many cakes on there are very elaborate and were made for photo shoots. So the cost can be very high. Other times it is a great way for our designers to see new ideas come in and then it gets us thinking outside the box for future orders!

Did you know we have a Pinterest site?! We currently have 10 boards and are creating more as I am typing! We put up a lot of our cakes that you see on our facebook or website. However, we also touch base on wedding tips, dessert tables and color schemes. My personal favorite is the Philly LOVE board. I love the history of Philly, the food, the LOVE symbol and our skyline.

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