Mini desserts for your wedding

Many couples have come to us recently in wanting to do a small cake and a dessert table. We have been working hard the last couple of weeks to come up with new ideas and recipes for our dessert menu. If you haven’t had a chance to see our menu, please email us!

We have a wide variety of mini desserts ranging from the classic cream puff filled with pastry cream to a decadent chocolate mousse cup that your guests can eat! We get requests for items that are not on our menu and if this is something we can make, we’d love to add it to our menu!

When selecting pastries for your guests, our rule of thumb is about 3 pastries per person. Our staff here can help you select items and give you a quote on your order. Happy planning!IMG_1469


  1. So yummy. perfect for party

  2. michael sharkey says:

    Do you have pound cake wedding cakes?
    Do you have butter cream icing?
    What are your tasting hours?

    • themastersbaker says:

      We offer a Sour Cream base cake. Very similar to a pound, but not a true pound cake. Yes, our standard icing is a buttercream icing. We have been offering this icing since we first began in 1970. Please call or email ( about tastings and appointments. Thank-you!

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