Planning a wedding from afar

Are you planning your wedding and you are not living in the area? No problem!

We work with couples who are getting married in the area but may live in another state or even over seas! You can email us here for more information about our cakes, pricing and flavors. We are able to have you send us pictures of the wedding cakes you are dreaming of! From there we can even come up with a sketch for you and email it right to you. This way we can talk about the vision of your cake along with the colors you’d like to coordinate with. Sky is the limit with design option!

Many couples might be coming home for a short weekend and cramming in a lot of wedding appointments and tasks. If this is the case, we can work with you over the phone and email about the design and you can just stop by for sample cakes to pick up and take home! To pick up sample cakes we just ask for 3-4 days notice on the orders so we can have them baked fresh for you! There are 19 flavors available along with 15+ fillings.


Give us a call 610.436.9888 or email us at and we would be happy to help you out!

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