Wedding anniversary cakes

When you have your wedding cake made by us, one of the great things we include after your wedding is a complimentary first year anniversary cake! Many couples are turned away from the idea of freezing a small cake for a whole year. Well, if we have made your wedding cake then you get to come back to us for a fresh one. You can choose any flavor  and we decorate this with our beautiful buttercream roses!

Many people wonder why we even started freezing those top layers in the first place. It all started a long time ago, about the 19th century. Couples would save their cake because many had babies right after they got married. So then they would bring out the cake and use it for this celebration as well. Cakes were not made with the same ingredients they are made with now. Many were soaked with alcohol, such as brandy, and this would preserve the cake for a while. Aren’t you glad you can just come back to us for a fresh cake!?

We do ask that you give us a call about 1-2 weeks before. We will have it baked fresh, decorated beautifully and ready for you to pick it up!

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