40+ Years Of Fresh

TMB was started by a mother of six who had an eye for design and a love for cakes. Read her story about how she built the foundation of TMB and then her son took over and turned it into the Award Winning bakery it is today.


The Dream Came Alive

It all started with one small birthday cake in 1970. That single piece of art has since grown into a thriving business almost 50 years later. Never in Paul and Jerie Weldon’s wildest dreams did they think The Master’s Baker (TMB) would be what it is today.

The story is every entrepreneur’s dream. Start from nothing… struggle… get big breaks… struggle some more… build something meaningful… struggle some more… have your child take the business over… impact thousands of lives from that one seed of an idea.

The Beginning

Young, hardworking husband, Paul Weldon, was at his desk one day when his boss came in and asked if he knew anyone who did birthday cakes. He smiled, immediately thinking of his talented wife, Jerie, and thought “If she could make creative birthday cakes for their 3 little ones, why couldn’t she also do one for his boss?” And, so the story begins.

After moving from military base to base around the country with Paul, who was active in the National Guard, they ultimately settled back “home” in the Philadelphia area to raise their three kids. One day while taking care of the playful, noisy kids, the phone rang. Pick it up, or let it ring? Jerie’s decision to pick it up changed everything. It was a friend inviting her to a cake decorating course. It was then that you could say TMB was born.

Three More Kids Later

Over the next several years, three more children were added to the Weldon family. In order for Jerie to be able juggle all the balls in the air, each child had to play a role in the success of the business, whether it was washing pans, answering phones, greeting customers, or mopping the floors. This truly was a family business.

New Beginnings…New Generation

Fast forward nearly 40 years to 2011, to the scene where Paul and Jerie are sitting on their front porch pondering what was next. In walks their youngest son, Chad, newly married to his beautiful bride, Rebecca. After listening to a couple of his Mom & Dad’s stories, he said “I will take it over”. Paul and Jerie remember that moment like it was yesterday. The next six years involved Chad learning the ins and outs of the business and growing his parents “dream” to the next level.

TMB currently employs 12 full time staff. Their business location in downtown West Chester, PA provides cakes and pastries to 65+ area caterers, hotels and country clubs. They prepare and design 1,300+ wedding cakes and thousands of custom party cakes and desserts yearly. Chad’s desire to become the best to honor his parents legacy shows in award after award in the past 5 years. And most recently, he and his team are thankful to have won Best Wedding Cakes in 2016, Best of The Knot and Wedding Wire for 2017 and was awarded top of the 10 most popular bakeries in America by delish magazine.


Everything Local

TMB started local and continues to support local businesses in every way possible. Everything we can, we buy fresh and local.