A Cake For Every Type Of Party

Because our cakes are handmade we’re able to design and create for every kind of party.

How To Get Started


Find A Cake

Using our gallery below select a few cakes that you like so that we can get a feel for your taste.


Book Your Appointment

Schedule a time that works for you to talk with one of our experts.


We’ve Got The Rest

We will sculpt the perfect cake for you, so you can relax.

Why TMB?

When it comes to the party you are hosting or the event you are in charge of bringing the dessert to…be the hero! Let our team work with you to customize a cake and/or desserts that fits that celebration. Our team features pastry chefs who prepare our award winning cakes, buttercream artist who could hold and pipe with a bag like no one else around, sculptors who can sculpt pretty much anything you can dream from 2D to 3D and muralist who can hand-paint onto our cakes with intense detail. We are known for not only our product but also our customer service….give us a call or send us an email and we will show you!