You can’t say No to these Custom Pies and Cheesecakes Desserts…

9″-12″ Custom Pies 8-16 servings

Key Lime Pie $21.95$26.95

Dutch Apple Pie $21.95$26.95

Peach Crumble $21.95$26.95

Tart Cherry Pie Almond Streusel $21.95$26.95

Blueberry Sour Cream Pie $21.95$26.95

Mile High Strawberry Pie $21.95$26.95

Coconut Cream Pie $21.95$26.95

3″ Mini Pies $3.00 each

Minimum order 3 dozen and at least 1 dozen per flavor

3″ Mini Specialty Tarts/Crostatas $4.50 each

Minimum order 3 dozen and at least 1 dozen per flavor

12″ Specialty Pies/Tarts/Crostatas 12-14 servings

Apple Caramel Walnut $28.95

Mango Tart $28.95

Lemon Velvet Tart $28.95

Summer Plum Crostata $29.95

Peach Crostata $29.95

10″ Cheesecake 12-16 servings

Honey Lavender $45.50

Vanilla Bean with or without fresh fruit $45.50

Oreo Cheesecake $45.50

10″ Cheesecake Any flavor @ $45.50 each // 12-16 Servings

***Custom Pies/Cheesecake available upon request! ***

2019 Spring Summer Gourmet Petits Fours Minimum Order = 24 for each dessert – We recommend 2-3 per person

Chocolate Passion Fruit Flourless Bites $35.00 / per 24 rich Ghirardelli chocolate with passion fruit
Cannoli $30.00 / per 24 our cannoli shells start out dipped in dark chocolate and then get filled with a chocolate chip ricotta filling or strawberry or lemon mousse
Double chocolate raspberry cream cheese brownie $36.00 / per 24 house-made raspberry jam and cream cheese filling swirled into a double chocolate brownie
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $42.00 / per 24 Large Strawberries dipped in Belgian Chocolate
Hand Pies $66.00 / per 24 please see our pie list for flavors (2.5”)
Chocolate Cup with your choice of Mousse $66.00 / per 24 Orange, Raspberry, or Chocolate
Oreo Cheesecake Bits $40.00 / per 24 Oreos in a creamy cheesecake on a chocolate shortcrust
Mini Cupcakes $30.00 / per 24 choose your flavor from out list of cakes
Cake Pops $72.00 / per 24 choose your flavor from our list of cakes
Lemon Strawberry Bites $33.00 / per 24 Luscious lemon bars with a hint of our house made strawberry jam
Pate a Choux
Traditional Éclair $30 / per 24 filled with pastry cream and topped with a chocolate ganache
Cream puff $30 / per 24 filled with Crème Chantilly dusted with powdered sugar
Amaretti $30 / per 24 almond cookie
Wedding cookies $30 / per 24 hazelnuts
French Macarons $60 / per 24 Assorted flavors (min. 24 per flavor), please inquire
Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons $30 / per 24 coconut clusters
Cranberry Hooty Creek Cookies $36 / per 24 It like an oatmeal raisin cookie but with cranberries, white chocolate chips and pecans
Lemon Raspberry $60 / per 24 layers of lemon mousse, raspberry jam, vanilla cake and white chocolate curls
Strawberry shortcake $60 / per 24 macerated strawberries with a touch of Grand Mariner, our vanilla pound cake and and vanilla bean Chantilly cream
Mud Pie $60 / per 24 our chocolatey brownie bites with hot fudge, coffee pastry cream and pecan piecesh
Coconut Banana Pudding $60 / per 24 coconut pastry cream, shortbread cookies, fresh bananas and coconut Chantily cream
Grand Mariner & Chocolate $60 / per 24 chocolate & Grand Mariner mousse with our buttermilk fudge cake and mandarin oranges and dark chocolate curls

***Custom desserts that are not listed are prepared upon request***

***Dietary needs(Gluten Free, Vegan, Soy Free, Dairy Free, etc) can be met upon request***